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The Coffee Experience by Liz Canham

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[ 2008-03-07 00:00:00 ] - lizc

There has developed a new craze in Britain in recent years. You can see it wherever you go; people

walking or even riding bicycles, carrying a cardboard carton of the stuff. Yes, you guessed it,

it's the coffee craze. The coffee experience has taken over from the can of cola and the coffee

vocabulary litters our speach.

In America coffee drinking became particularly popular with the birth of a well known chain of

coffee shops. In the cafs of Europe, particularly Italy, Spain and France, strong coffee has been

the beverage of choice for centuries.

Drinking coffee has become so addictive that people will even queue up to be served their favourite

variation, be it latte, espresso, mocha or a plain americano. One chain of coffee shops sells at

least forty different blends of coffee from all over the world. There are blends from Latin

America, Africa, Arabia, Asia and even Europe, as well as mixed blends and decafinated versions.

Coffee shops and cafs have popped up everywhere, in cities, towns and villages across the country.

This phenomenon seems to have been caused by the desire of the youngsters of today to have a place

to meet friends and do business as well as shoppers seeking refuge for their sore feet. Indeed

coffee shops seem to be taking the place of the pub for many people.

Some business people even set up their offices in coffee shops; with the advent of wireless

connections for their laptop computers and the ever present mobile 'phone, nobody actually needs to

actually be in their office in order to work. This situation is ideal for informal business

meetings as the atmosphere is much more relaxed than it would be at their place of work.

The coffee experience has now become such an important part of life so caf owners need to look to

their laurels if they are to survive. Customers are becoming far more selective when it comes to

choosing the venue for their coffee drinking and the choice of products has a bearing too. With all

the competition, only the coffee shops which provide the most comfortable atmosphere and best

variety of coffees, well made, together with accompaniments such as pastries, cakes and biscuits

will attract the most custom.

Customers expect not only different blends and origins of coffee these days but different flavours

too such as cinnamon, hazelnut, nutmeg and chocolate. Not only must the coffee be well made and

flavoursome but a wide choice of additives needs to be available. Gone are the days when white

sugar would do; now there must be brown sugar, sugar crystals, honey and low calorie alternatives.

The whiteners may include whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, pouring cream, whipped cream and low

fat powdered creamer. People aren't just looking for a drink but a whole experience when they go

for a cup of coffee.

Consumers are even tiring of the more traditional ways of making coffee and are demanding that it be

blended with cola, jam or spices usually associated with making curry. There are almost no lengths

to which the coffee fanatic will not go to enhance the coffee experience.

Liz Canham

Liz is fond of a nice strong cup of coffee and is webmistress of
href="http://www.coffee-all-day.lizebiz.com" target="_blank">Coffee All Day

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