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Coffee - The Effects on Your Body

#131 - 12 - 0 - Coffee - The Effects on Your Body
[ 2008-03-07 00:00:00 ] - lizc

There's nothing nicer in the morning than the smells of fresh bread and fresh coffee, but it's only after actually drinking the coffee that the real effects become apparent.

What are the effects of coffee? Studies have shown that it can boost a person's alertness, improve performance and concentration. Internally, this means an increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and basal metabolic rate. It will also promote urine production and can help relax muscle tension. It is because of this that many use coffee while studying for an exam, to help wake up in the morning or while working through the night.

The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine. Research shows that it is safe to drink one or two cups a day. However, those who exceed this may suffer the negative effects that include difficulty sleeping, headaches, irregular heartbeat, nausea and muscle tension. This may also lead to ulcer or heartburn, which is why experts also advise people to drink coffee in moderation.

Coffee isn't good for women who are pregnant as it may cause birth defects. People who have heart disease or high blood pressure should avoid it since it could exacerbate their existing health problems. In addition, those who drink coffee may also experience the same effects by drinking other substances that contain caffeine, examples of these being tea, cola and chocolate.

Coffee is most unlikely to make a drinker do something foolish such as they might after the use of illegal substances or alcohol, but it can be habit forming. Those who drink large quantities on a daily basis and suddenly stop may experience what is known as withdrawal symptoms which will usually disappear after a a few days or when they are able to once again have a cup of coffee.

Some coffees have been found to prevent certain diseases. Java coffee, for instance, is effective as an anti-depressant. Others are known to lessen the chances of developing Parkinson's disease in men, even if doctors aren't yet able to ascertain the precise cause of this disease. While there is no evidence of prevention, it seems that drinking coffee cannot be proved to have links with the development of any sort of cancer.

Coffee consumption throughout the world seems to be rising, especially the so-called "speciality" coffees such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and iced coffees. Coffee is consumed by 57% of Americans on a daily basis and it was projected that the giant coffee shop chain, Starbucks, would have opened nearly 15,000 stores worldwide by the end of 2007.

In other words, whether you believe that coffee is actively good for you, actively bad for you or doesn't really make much difference to your overall health, there's no getting away from the fact that it is increasing in popularity. As with any other food or drink, consumption in moderation probably won't do you any harm!
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