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Coffee - The Perfect Present

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[ 2008-03-07 00:00:00 ] - lizc

Apparently research into the drinking habits of Americans rank water and fizzy drinks first and second with coffee coming third. Obviously, this shows that there is a immense call for for coffee so if there is a friend's birthday coming up and they love drinking it, perhaps giving coffee is the perfect present.

Coffee comes in many different flavors and varieties. You can get a particular brand that your friend or relative likes or buy something that they have never tried before to demonstrate to them the contrasting blends and countries of origin.

Coffee gift packs can be bought in coffee shops and in supermarkets but if your local shop doesn't stock them, you can make your present more personal by buying several different kinds of coffee and perhaps a mug or two and putting it all in an attractive basket tied with pretty ribbon.

If you're not certain what flavours or blends to give, some cafs sell gift vouchers of different values. The most important thing is that you choose the coffee shop where your friend or relative often goes to drink coffee or even have a light lunch.

Often a gift basket or voucher isn't a generous enough present but there are many coffee related items which are a little more expensive. For example an espresso machine would make a nice present that can be used at home. This gadget comes in all shapes and sizes, in plastic or stainless steel, with built in grinders or not and some even come with a cup and saucer set.

If the machine of your choice doesn't come with cups and saucers, why not buy some as well? These pretty little sets come in all colours and some have their own stand too. If you'd rather buy a mug or two, why not get them personalised? Some shops will print a photograph on the front or engrave or paint your friends name on the mugs.

Coffee isnt only for drinking, its for eating too. There are coffee ice cream, coffee cake, coffee mousse and many more receipes, so if your friend likes cooking, maybe a coffee recipe book would make a suitable present.

There are numerous presents you can give to a coffer lover. The possibilities above are just a start as there are even books on how to serve coffee and how to blend different beans.

Coffee, taken in moderation, is quite a healthy drink, particularly without milk or sugar and indeed is though to have some health benefits, so do your friends a favour, give them the perfect present of coffee.
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